What We Do

Natural Wellness Brand Review

Natural Wellness Brand Review – Full review of your product(s) lines including formulation and ingredient analysis, competitive market review with recommendations for CBD product launch.

Formulation Development

Formulation Development – We provide full formulation development services or if the formulation is complete, we will verify ingredients and develop the infused protocol batches.

Product Registration Services

Product Registration Services – A significant part of bringing a CBD product to market is navigating the regulatory challenges and managing the Health Canada and provincial registrations.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing – Completing the full outsourcing service offering is our contract manufacturing and distribution services.

Our Brands

Value Proposition

Pacific Rim Brands fills a significant gap in the market. We provide Natural Wellness Brands a way of bringing a CBD version of their popular products to market. Utilizing our experience and regulatory knowledge, we provide a full outsourcing service – from Brand reviews to formulation analysis, Health Canada and provincial registration, brand element design, contract manufacturing, distribution and marketing.


Extracts Brand Testimonials

Pacific Rim Brands is truly unique. They guide product brands thru the complex process of bringing CBD products to market

–  June 2022

Edibles Brand Testimonials

The team at Pacific Rim Brands do an excellent job of explaining the rules and regs to us

–  May 2021

Beverage Brand Testimonials

Working with Pacific Rim Brands, and Michele and Morgan specifically, is an entrepreneur and business owner’s dream. If I ever write a book on how to start a business in the highly regulated and bureaucratic Cannabis world, the first chapter would be titled “Hire Pacific Rim Brands.”

They took all the bureaucratic, regulatory, scientific and logistical work off my hands, letting me focus on my strengths in starting a business. The entire team at Pacific Rim is a pleasure to work with and is extremely knowledgeable and efficient, and the company is as close to turn-key as you could hope for. Thanks for your help team!

–  November 2022

Beverage Brand Testimonials

I was pleasantly surprised with the depth of knowledge of the Pacific Rim Brands Team. It was an enormous help.

–  February 2021

Topical Brand Testimonial

The team worked tirelessly on our launch plan, social media and all things marketing. Wow!

–  January 2021


Where to begin… Working with Pacific Rim Brands has been a dream. As a 30-year-old Canadian brand with little to no cannabis experience, there was definitely a lot of hesitancy to enter this new space. However, Morgan and Michele made it so easy. From the beginning, they laid out a clear and tailored go-to-market strategy offering turn-key solutions, minimizing the internal noise and distraction that strategic projects normally provoke. Whether it’s providing executive-level briefings or negotiating the details of a test protocol with analytical labs, the Pacific Rim team holds a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise to execute project activities from A to Z. They have also fostered strong relationships with a vast network of US and Canadian industry leaders, who are leveraged as needed to help provide creative and innovative solutions. Most importantly, they always find time to accommodate our busy schedule, and go out of their way to ensure the success of our projects. It has been a true privilege to work alongside such kind, passionate, and professional humans!