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What We Do

Natural Wellness Brand Review

Natural Wellness Brand Review – Full review of your product(s) lines including formulation and ingredient analysis, competitive market review with recommendations for CBD product launch.

Formulation Development

Formulation Development – We provide full formulation development services or if the formulation is complete, we will verify ingredients and develop the infused protocol batches.

Product Registration Services

Product Registration Services – A significant part of bringing a CBD product to market is navigating the regulatory challenges and managing the Health Canada and provincial registrations.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing – Completing the full outsourcing service offering is our contract manufacturing and distribution services.

Value Proposition

Pacific Rim Brands fills a significant gap in the market. We provide Natural Wellness Brands a way of bringing a CBD version of their popular products to market. Utilizing our experience and regulatory knowledge, we provide a full outsourcing service – from Brand reviews to formulation analysis, Health Canada and provincial registration, brand element design, contract manufacturing, distribution and marketing.


Glacial Gold

Face Mask

“The Glacial Gold Clay Mask uses Kisolite BMP Glacial Clay which has been used in BC by indigenous peoples for centuries! It has extraordinary healing properties, especially for someone like me with such sensitive skin.”

– Aly


Eczema and Psoriasis Cream

“I have been getting really bad eczema on my neck. I tried many different products, including prescribed hydrocortisone cream, but I couldn’t find anything that helped. Out of curiosity, I tried Re-Leaf. I was absolutely shocked as I have never had anything work this well, and now I can’t wait for it to come into BC stores.”

– Sara

Glacial Gold

Face Mask

“I’ve been trying out Backforty Blends Glacial Gold Clay mask, and it’s super gentle on the skin but deep cleans so well! No redness, no irritation, no dryness!!”

– Nicole